Korban means to ‘get close’ in Arabic. This is an act of slaughtering an animal a Muslim performs at a certain period so as to allow him to be able to get closer to Almighty God. The animals allowed to be slaughtered are goats, cows and camels. They are slaughtered on the day of Eidul Adha and also on the three days of Tasyrik which falls on the 11th, 12th and 13th of Zhulhijjah.

Benefits of Korban

– Sacrificing an animal (Korban) is an act of worship. A Muslim performs it voluntarily with the intention of getting closer to Allah SWT

– To remember Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) willingness to slaughter his beloved son, Ishmael as a sacrifice when commanded by God. The sacrifice was later replaced to a goat when Abraham and Ishmael succeeded in conforming to the commandments of Allah SWT

– Doing charity to the poor and needy by contributing and distributing the meat to them “So pray to your lord and sacrifice (to him alone)” Qur’an 108:2 Al-Kawthar

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