Badal Haji

The hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and the Badal Hajj is an act of doing the hajj for the deceased, sickly elderly people or those who are disabled.

Whoever is able to celebrate the pilgrims call (for Hajj), but then due to illness or old age and is not able to carry it out, he may call upon those capable to do the hajj for them.

Sign-up for Badal Haji and you shall receive:
– Certificate of appreciation Badal Haji
– Zam-Zam Water*
– Korma*
– Sajadah
– Tasbih
(*subject to Saudi authorities / availability)

Criterias for Badal Hajj:
1) Deceased, has not perform the hajj and has left a considerable wealth behind to perform it.
2) Those that are sick and may not have any hopes of recovering from the said illness.
3) The family must have the financial means to do so, otherwise it is not encouraged.
4) The cost of Hajj Badal cannot be more than (1/3 of the cost) the individual performing it.


2 Packages:

a) Basic Badal Haji:
– 1x Haji for the deceased
– 1x Umrah for the deceased

b) Full Badal Haji:
– 1x Haji for the deceased
– 1x Umrah for the deceased
– 1x Korban (Sheep)
– 2x Waqaf Quran (Masjidil Nabawi & Masjidil Haram)

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Payments can be made via:
1. Our Office
– Our staff will be more than willing to assist you if you have further enquiries
– Tel No: 6749 1131
– ic of applicant & name of badal
– payment: cash / cheque / paynow

2. Whatsapp
– whatsapp message to +65 9775 2605
– payment: paynow
– ic of applicant & name of badal

– May Allah Azzawajal grant his servant a mabrur hajj, Amin –